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About Blog: The Marijuana Facts is a place to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas as they pertain to cannabis and related subjects. We are a free-market of ideas! 

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It is our goal to advance the discourse surrounding marijuana by creating and aggregating content of varied backgrounds, sources, and perspectives. We want to assist current and prospective users in making better decisions as both consumers of marijuana and for their health.

Inform and Empower the Public to Purchase and Use Marijuana Safely and Effectively

We will achieve our goal by continually developing our content and platform to dispel myths and misinformation as they pertain to marijuana, but also by remaining abreast of, and blogging about, new information, trends, studies, technology and innovation to empower our visitors to make proactive choices when it comes to the procurement and ingestion of marijuana.


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It is unfortunate that the marketplace is so far behind when it comes to connecting potential buyers with a product that serves their needs and wants.

USA midterm elections are a big win for cannabis legalization! About time! #CannabisLegalization #CannabisCommunity #cannabisnews

currently looking to expand our contributor base ... if you are a blogger interested in the Canadian cannabis market, please reach out to us! Pay per word posting and authorship credit upon request. Frequent contributions are welcome! #freelancewriter #blogging #bloggersrequired

New Post!
Marijuana, Hookah's, and Shisha: The Ultimate Smoking Session
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The Marijuana-Beer Infusion: Why do they taste so good together? Please read to find out!
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New Post: what does the term "strain" mean? Why is its use problematic? - find out here!
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You can smoke it, but do you know it? https://t.co/GllwFVQUeU via @tryinteract

Thanks, @TheMaryJFacts for your well-considered, even-handed coverage of @amanda_siebert's #LittleBookOfCannabis. 💯

Review👉 https://t.co/CZHJWd9Iyq
Excerpt👉 https://t.co/zKPdXgmCXD

📗💨: https://t.co/jWIkBMVggB
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"The Little Book of Cannabis ~ How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life" by Amanda Siebert should be on the list of books to read. You can find a review of this user handbook here https://t.co/5b3EfLzDwq

"The Little Book of Cannabis ~ How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life" by Amanda Siebert is available for purchase today! https://t.co/SRvBjjvoaI
Read an excerpt from it on The Marijuana Facts.

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New Post: 11-OH-THC is the main metabolite of THC and most commonly associated with the consumption of edibles. It is highly potent. Visit us and read more,… https://t.co/ucRmGwqXCq

The human body is fascinating, and its complexities are most prominent when looking at drug interactions, especially cannabis. Our liver, through glucuronidation, has a profound impact on the potency of THC.

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great news! the government wholesaler has a supply! hopefully the retail model isn't far behind. #october17 @fordnation

If you own a home, condo, or apartment then you should be free to exercise your federal rights. However, if you rent then I could see the justification for the decision to be made by the landlord/building owner. @MaruVoiceCanada

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