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About Blog: The Marijuana Facts is a place to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas as they pertain to cannabis and related subjects. We are a free-market of ideas! 

Frequency: about 10 posts per week. 

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Advancing the Discourse on Marijuana

The Marijuana Facts seeks to advance the discourse surrounding marijuana by creating and aggregating content of varied backgrounds, sources, and perspectives. We want to assist current and prospective users in making better decisions as both consumers of marijuana and for their health.

Inform and Empower the Public to Purchase and Use Marijuana Safely and Effectively

We will achieve our goal by continually developing our content and platform to dispel myths and misinformation as they pertain to marijuana, but also by remaining abreast of, and blogging about, new information, trends, studies, technology and innovation to empower our visitors to make proactive choices when it comes to the procurement and ingestion of marijuana.

Delivering Transparency on Cannabis Production, Science, Engineering, and Vaporizer Technology.  

This sector is changing fast and it is critical that both current and prospective users are connected with the latest information on weed vaporizer technology, cannabinoid science, best practices and regulations for growing marijuana, and novel cannabinoid extraction methodology.

The learning curve is steep but taking the time to understand cannabis as a product, a medicine, and a business will ensure that you make the best decisions possible as a consumer and for your health!


Thanks, @TheMaryJFacts for your well-considered, even-handed coverage of @amanda_siebert‘s #LittleBookOfCannabis.

What’s your favourite cannabis infused-cocktail? A Pot-tini perhaps? Let us know! #CannabisCommunity #Cannabis #CannabisCulture

Bourbon or Whiskey,
Cannabis Flower,
Lemonade & Fresh Mint ... it’s that easy. #cannabiscocktails #cannabiscocktail #cannabiscommunity @ Burlington, Ontario https://www.instagram.com/p/Byinkr5gWZh/?igshid=oufek1pnjwxj

Today we wanted to discuss Cannabis Gummies. What are they? How are they made? How are they different from other weed edibles? Check it out! https://themarijuanafacts.com/what-are-cannabis-gummies/
#cannabisgummies #edibles #cannabiscandy #decarbweed #cannabisculture #cannabiscanada #cannabisindustry

New Post! Hemp and the Honey Bee, research seems to indicate a symbiotic relationship. Commensalism or Mutualism - it remains to be seen, but does hemp exhibit the potential to restore the dwindling bee population? #CannabisCommunity #cannabiscanada https://themarijuanafacts.com/hemp-and-the-honey-bee/

Does anybody know how to get in touch with these guys?
No issue with them reposting or curating content, but I would appreciate, if your going to repost, not to misspell or create grammatical errors where they didn't exist.

Who doesn't love cannabis oil? Find out how it is made. New Post! https://themarijuanafacts.com/making-cannabis-oil/
#cannabisoil #cannabisextraction #CannabisCommunity #cannabiscanada #marijuananews #marijuanafacts

What is Hash Oil? When I first started using cannabis, hashish had a quality that I loved. It wasn't easy to obtain, and not many people could explain what is was, how it was made, or how to use it.
#CannabisCommunity #cannabiscanada

Cannabis Addiction; it is a bit of a contentious topic insofar as proponents for, or advocates of cannabis, are reluctant to admit it has addictive or abuse potential. Conversely, detractors or naysayers will overstate the severity of cannabis dependency. #CannabisCommunity

Looking for the research behind how TokeSmart works, the good folks at @TheMaryJFacts give you a deep dive with the details. Check it out at https://themarijuanafacts.com/tokesmart/

New Post! @TheMaryJFacts reviews @TokeSmart - Click the link to read it. https://themarijuanafacts.com/tokesmart/

Thanks to @TokeSmart, for their transparency and willingness to assist us in providing the most comprehensive and fairest assesment we could.

New Post! https://themarijuanafacts.com/weed-shisha/
I love hookah smoking, but it is becoming harder and harder to find shisha. I resolved to make my own homemade weed shisha. Try it yourself, happy mixing! #Hookah #Shisha #WeedLover #cannabiscanada

New Post! https://themarijuanafacts.com/endocannabinoid-system/
What is the endocannabinoid system? How are phytocannabinoids produced? How do cannabinoids bind to CB1R's and CB2R's, and what happens when they do? #CannabisCommunity #cannabiscanada #HighThoughts #WeedLover #marijuana

I would love to see cannabis treated more like a food than a drug. The further we move away from perceiving it as an ingredient, the more of its value we disregard. Cannabinoids are great and merit research, but so much of metabolic disease can be positively influenced by diet.

Is the act of smiling a choice? Of all the emotions that we pantomime, “happiness” seems to require the most effort. Is it because like the act itself, “happiness” is also a choice? We reap the fruits of our efforts, put effort into the right things, and the rewards will be great

New Post! Vaporizers are fascinating. They are a great example of what can be achieved when we let science guide the development of consumer products, and they provide us with an opportunity to see scientific principles at work! https://themarijuanafacts.com/vaporizer-technology/ #vaporizer #vapelife #vape

In this study, the relationship between the use of various substances, selected psychosocial characteristics, and violence was examined. Groups of subjects in treatment for a primary problem with cocaine (n = 300), cannabis (n = 128), alcohol (n = 110), other drugs (33), tobacco

#wanttotoke #sparkup #blaze @ Burlington, Ontario https://www.instagram.com/p/Bsqo60Wn0mN/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=xedxhu6hh871

It is unfortunate that the marketplace is so far behind when it comes to connecting potential buyers with a product that serves their needs and wants.

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