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There are far too many ways to smoke cannabis. I understand that everyone is partial to a particular strain of marijuana and is preferential to a mode of ingestion, but after a certain point, the number of options doesn’t serve my needs as a consumer, rather it deters me from engaging with weed altogether – I want to catch a buzz, does this need to be so complicated?

Enter blunt rolling. A well-rolled blunt adds another layer of enjoyment to my marijuana smoking, without the added expense of vaporizers, bongs, or pipes. Blunts have a bit more heft to them than joints, which elongates my smoking session, while the tobacco leaf enhances and compliments the flavour of my cannabis.

If you opt for blunt-rolling, you can rest assured that the bulk of your money is being spent on the cannabis and tobacco your ingesting, and not hardware or equipment which, depending on what you buy, can run upwards of 300$ for a weed vaporizer.

Vaporizers are great, but they aren’t for everybody. Sometimes the simplicity of a blunt is more appealing than modes of ingestion like vaping which, at times, seem contrived. Smoking a blunt just feels right, and you quickly realize it is the way weed was intended to be smoked.

What is Blunt Rolling?

A blunt is a joint on steroids. Rather than using typical rolling-papers, blunts are made with tobacco leaf. Nothing complicated to them, but some typical features of blunts are as follows:

  • They’re usually bigger because the tobacco leaf is larger than machine-made rolling papers.
  • They require much more cannabis.
  • They have a slower burn. The cured tobacco leaf doesn’t burn as quickly as rolling-papers.
  • They have a denser and more aromatic smoke.

Make Sure you Moisten the Blunt Wrap

You roll a blunt much in the same way you roll a joint. However, prepping the tobacco leaf is a bit more involved than using machine-made rolling papers.

Moisture is key when prepping tobacco leaf for blunt-rolling. If you are able to buy whole cured tobacco leaves store them in a humidor, or any place you can control climate. This will ensure that the tobacco leaves do not crack or rip when you’re rolling.

For those of you who do not have access to whole cured tobacco leaves, you may need to buy inexpensive cigars like backwoods, swisher sweets, or phillies. These cigars can be unravelled and used to roll blunts.

Again, moisture is key in this process. Your best bet is to wrap the cigar in a damp towel so that the outer layer becomes pliable enough to handle without cracking or ripping apart. You need to do this right because the wraps get progressively smaller as you unravel the cigar. Take your time, it will pay off in the end.

Once you have the blunt wrap, you need to move quickly and pack it with finely ground cannabis or kief. After which, you gently roll the blunt, as you would a joint, until you have a firmly packed, but breathable, blunt. Make sure to form a seal on the seam that completes the roll. Saliva works best.

Once you have sealed the roll, you must apply heat on the seam to ensure that your dried saliva acts as an adhesive. Make sure you do not hold an open flame too closely or you will burn your blunt.

Spark it up and enjoy.

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