Cannabis and Testosterone: What you need to know

Cannabis legalization is fast spreading across borders, and every day is an exciting day to know more about marijuana. The effect of cannabis on the human body has been fascinating to scientists all over the world for decades now. But with legalization, the scope of research has also expanded. Today they work to uncover the various health benefits one can derive from marijuana usage and the different forms of presenting it to the users.

The cannabis works with the endocannabinoid system in the body. The active cannabinoids present in cannabis bind with the CBD receptors in the body to control the release of enzymes as well as ensure the proper functioning of the body. This way, they guide the body to become healthier. Given the cannabinoids interact with the ECS, it is natural that it also affects the sex hormones. The use of cannabis can have both intended as well as unintended effects on testosterone or male sex hormones in the body. Here is a closer look at how cannabis can affect these levels.

Cannabis – The Natural way to Boost Testosterone

The path to understanding the true relationship between cannabis and testosterone can only come from breaking down the plant into its truly beneficial components – THC and CBD. These are the two major cannabidiols present in the cannabis plant that are responsible for its medicinal benefits. Even the cannabinoids from the Budget Buds improve the functioning of our endocannabinoid systems, which is also responsible for regulating enzymes and hormones.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for immediately shooting up your testosterone level the moment you smoke. This is an unnatural jump of testosterone levels in the body. Some believe that this sudden shoot up could be the reason behind regular marijuana users suffering from acne and baldness or excessive hair loss.  But currently, no study gives a conclusive argument towards this effect of marijuana. Also, the quantity of marijuana that could cause such serious effects are above regular consumption levels of humans.

Another study aims to back up counterpoints to the above argument. It indicates that THC can help raise the cortisol levels in the body. Cortisols have the property of reducing testosterone levels naturally in the body, which could be the reason behind low testosterone levels in stoners. But, this effect of spiking cortisol levels is less observed in case of frequent users. This indicates the probability that regular and moderate consumers could benefit from this plant.

There are counterarguments to the above studies which suggest that THC as an endocrine rupture could, in fact, block GnRH release by the hypothalamus. This leads to lower testosterone levels in the body. Another study conducted with 27 subjects (men aged between 21-26) who used marijuana every day for about 3 weeks. The surprising results of the study indicated no significant change in plasma testosterone levels. This included a few users consuming beyond the indicated limits. Certain strains and concentrates such as shatter could have a positive effect on testosterone levels and more about the same can become available only with improved research.

It is obvious that the use of in-vitro or animal-based research gives such mixed opinions about the effects and hence cannot be conclusive of the actual effects of this plant on humans.

Cannabis can Increase Your Sperm Count

A study published in the Human Reproduction journal was indicative of improved sperm count in regular marijuana users. The study aimed to understand a comparison between men who smoked cannabis regularly vs ones who never used. The result of the study was quite surprising given that men who smoked regularly had a better sperm count compared to the ones who have never used drugs. A few more studies conducted with monitored levels of marijuana exposure also indicated similar results.

A new study aimed to understand the effects of moderate usage of marijuana on sperm count. The study involved 662 men as subjects along with their partners. Their fertility was under observation over 17 years at the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility clinic. On average, about 11 percent of this set agreed to use marijuana regularly but at a moderate amount. The results were that these men had an average concentration of 63 million sperm per ml of semen compared to 43 million per ml in case of non-marijuana smokers. While there were a few exceptions to these findings, the fact that various external factors such as alcohol use, age, cigarette smoking also affect sperm count indicates that we are yet to get closer to conclusive clinical evidence.

In fact, these studies contradict the previous ones that showed marijuana could negatively affect sperm count. Although the current proof seems encouraging, it is important to know that there are few to no findings that can conclusively prove the effectiveness of Marijuana in increasing sperm count. You can purchase some amazing strains for medicinal benefits from the best online dispensary. Canada is among the few countries where you can experience strains that can bring medicinal benefits to the body.

Marijuana and Moobs

For years marijuana usage and its relation to an increase in breast size of men have been a question. It could be that the falling testosterone levels cause domination of estrogen, which could result in a visible change in the size of the breast. Although there was only one serious human clinical trial in the 1970s conducted to observe these effects, most of the studies currently available are oblivious to help us reach any conclusions.

The Mode of Ingestion Matters.

Dr. Buka shared that the mode of delivery of cannabis to the body could become a crucial deciding factor. THC is a useful cannabidiol which has various health benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial properties, that are closely related to countering skin aging. But methods such as smoking could, in fact, strip away the amazing benefits of the substance due to cons of their own. In such cases choosing the right mode for delivering these components to your body could decide if cannabis has a positive or negative effect on testosterone levels.


Tammy Taylor