Hash and kief are some of the most coveted forms of cannabis-concentrates in the market, and for good reason, they pack one hell of a punch; delivering a hefty dose of THC – especially when vaporized.

difference between kief and hash

The term kief is derived from the Arabic word kayf meaning pleasure. It is derived from the resinous glands of the cannabis plant known as trichomes. Kief accumulates in grinders or sieves that are often used to process cannabis flower or weed nugs. The use of kief is pervasive in the cannabis industry, forming the basis of most concentrates available today. It is also commonly referred to as cannabis crystal or THC crystal – listen to comedian Joey “Coco” Diaz talk about what he thought was THC crystal in the 1970s, but likely was PCP on the JRE.

On the other hand, hash is cannabis-derived formulation made from compressed or distilled trichomes. Compressed forms of hash are often solid or semi-solid in consistency ranging in colour from black and brown to blonde. Distilled forms of hashish are known as bubble hash, or bubble melt hash, are paste-like in consistency and range widely in colour depending on the amount of plant material and chlorophyl leftover once the hash has been processed.

best way to make hash from kief

The best way to make hash from kief is by processing marijuana by passing it through a series of sieves with hole sizes in the micron range. Extremely cold water is then passed through them to freeze and separate the trichomes from the rest of the plant matter.

The separated trichomes then pass through the increasingly small holes in the sieves. What remains is a highly refined resin that is left to air dry to remove any excess water. This substance is then pressed into a malleable solid, with a much finer and crumble-like texture than traditional hash. It is incredibly pure, and nearly free of extraneous contaminants.

This process and resulting concentrate is of the bubble hash, or bubble melt hash, variety. However, this can be a long and involved process, and not necessarily the easiest way to make hash from kief.

easy way to make hash from kief

The easy way to make hash from kief, although labor-intensive, is by pressing ground cannabis flower with a high thread count cloth, and slowly but surely getting the resinous trichomes to adhere to one another. The consistency and colour of the hash produced depends on the extent to which the resin was processed and separated from the cannabis flower or weed nugs.

how to make hash oil from kief

There are several ways to make hash oil from kief. The two primary modes of hash oil production are Butane extraction and cold water extraction.