We all have grown up listening to our mothers and grandmothers recite the benefits of coconut oil, almond oil, and even olive oil. They were not just talked about but used every day in homes to give a boost to health and improve the appearance. With the legalizing of medicinal marijuana in many states, hemp oil is the new trend in the oil market. Hemp oil too offers a wide array of benefits, nourishing you inside and out. Read on to find the fuss is all about.

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What is Hemp Oil?

We all have heard of the cannabis plant, and you must be living under a rock if you haven’t. Cannabis sativa plants are deficient in THC, which is a chemical that induces psychoactive effects. Hemp seeds come from such non-psychoactive plants, and the crushing of these seeds give us hemp oil.

The process of making hemp oil involves rigorous cleaning of the seeds, which aims to remove all traces of THC from them. Seeds with only a minimum level of THC go into processing, which ends up sticking to the surface of these seeds. Hemp oil is made solely with industrial hemp plants, which do not give you a ‘high.’ 

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What benefits does it offer?

Hemp oil is gaining popularity owing to the many benefits it offers. Here are a few ways it can give you the nourishment and glow:

1.       Keeps the brain healthy:

The human brain requires plenty of healthy fats to function correctly. Hemp seeds are rich in fatty acids, which can be beneficial for your mind to operate appropriately. The oil has many more compounds that can also protect your brain.

 A clinical study conducted on mice in Shandong University, China, evaluated the effects of active compounds on the brain. It concluded that with hemp seed oil, they could protect the brain from inflammation. Polyphenols, a component of hemp seed, is responsible for protecting the brain. Despite affirmative results, many people are undertaking studies to understand the effects on the human brain.  

2.       Reduces heart risks:

The hemp seed oil has many benefits for the heart. The oil is effective in preventing blood clots, which is associated with many heart diseases.  As per a study by the American Journal of Physiology, you can also keep a guard against heart strokes.

The ingredients of hemp seeds are many, and each can have a positive effect on health issues. If you are suffering from blood pressure, cholesterol, or atherosclerosis, you can rely on hemp oil to combat it. Alpha-linolenic acid, present in hemp seed and fish oils, is also helpful in keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay.

3.       Gives your skin the glow:

The most evident and impactful use of hemp oil is to get healthy skin, inside and out. Being biochemical in nature, the hemp seed oil is nothing but beneficial for your skin. It can act as a moisturizer for your dry and ageing skin. With regular use of hemp oil, you can transform the skin for it adds an extra layer of protection. It can strengthen your skin tissues and help you in resisting infection or inflammation. A review by the University of Kashmir, India substantiates the claim that with topical use of hemp oil, you can get a glowing and healthy skin. Besides that, you can keep acne and early signs of aging away by using it regularly.

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4.       Helps tackle pain:

CBD or cannabinoids is a major compound found in hemp oil. While every chemical has a different effect on the body, CBD can help reduce pain and inflammation. Although research is still carried out, many studies show that CBD is a natural pain-relieving agent. The study done in 2018 by the University of Belgrade, Serbia shows that CBD can effectively treat many kinds of pain. Be it arthritis, joint inflammation, or even chemotherapy; hemp oil can be your answer to debilitating pain. 

5.       Give you protein:

Whether you are becoming a vegetarian or a vegan, you will face difficulty with getting the same amount of proteins you got from the non-vegetarian diet. While there are other vegetarian substitutes that can help your body get the required protein, none is as effective as hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds are rich in amino acids, which are essential for your body to sustain properly and it is evident from a research of the National Resources Institute. It is an excellent source of proteins, making it a perfect substitute for vegans and vegetarians, who are in need of nourishing their bodies.    

How to use it?

Hemp oil is quite different from the other oils. Although you can use it in place of olive oil for cooking, it can lose the essential nutrients due to the heat. The oil has a nutty taste to it, and as it gets less refined, the more grassy it will taste.

Using hemp oil by mixing it or drizzling it over your food is the best way to ingest it daily. You can add it in your salad or shake to enjoy the nutty taste. Keep it in a cool and clean place, and make it last for long. Rubbing it directly on to your skin can give you a healthy glow.

The hemp seed oil has so many benefits that it’s popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds. In the next time, it will become mainstream and replace artificial supplements. So, whether you need to nourish your body or clear your skin, you can rely on hemp seed oil. Visit online sources like CBDOmetry to know more about the hemp oil that can best suit your needs.


Tammy Taylor.