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“Marijuana is most pleasurable, and at its therapeutic best, when titrated slowly and consistently”

Marijuana Hookah Smoking is more enjoyable and relaxing than other modes of smoking. Here is why;

  • It ensures slow and consistent titration of either cannabis or tobacco, or both.
  • The hookah provides a smooth and sustained inhalation, with less irritation of the mouth, throat, and lungs.
  • Shisha smoking promotes a relaxed, stress-free environment.
  • It is more sociable.
  • The smoking session is long and comfortably paced.
  • The goal of the session is to enjoy every moment spent smoking, not to reach a maximal dose in the shortest period of time.

The hookah, when set-up properly, is quite possibly the most relaxing and enjoyable smoking experience you can have, and these qualities are enhanced several-fold with the addition of marijuana.

What is a Hookah?

We have discussed it here before, but for those who don’t know a hookah is technically a water pipe. The apparatus consists of a long stem that inserts into a glass basin and is secured with a rubber grommet. Atop the stem sits the shisha bowl which is also secured with a rubber grommet, albeit a different sized one.

Towards the bottom of the stem there are two ports, one of which is used for the hose attachment while the other is used as a release valve so that air can be drawn through the closed system. In the event that the shisha smoke becomes harsh or stale, this valve can be used to clear the smoke from the glass basin – a quick exhale through the hose should be enough to clear the basin.

How to Set Up Your Hookah

Setting up your hookah is a relatively simple process. It requires that you fill the basin, roughly 3/4’s full, with water or a liquid of your choosing.

Moreover, that you secure the basin (once filled with water) to the stem and finally to attach the hose and shisha bowl to their proper ports with fitted grommets.

At this point your hookah is nearly ready to smoke. All that remains is to pack your shisha bowl and ignite your coals – which are placed on top of the shisha bowl. The shisha and coals are separated by either a metal windscreen or a perforated sheet of tin foil.

How to Pack Your Shisha Bowl

Packing a shisha bowl is nothing short of an art form. It requires patience, finesse, and no small amount of dexterity.

The first hurdle is determining how much shisha tobacco to use. A common mistake is that people tend to overpack the shisha bowl. This restricts airflow and prevents the heat (from the hot coals) to penetrate to the bottom of the bowl. In a matter of minutes, this can lead to the entire top layer of shisha burning.

A mistake like this is fixable, but exceptionally frustrating, so it is best if you avoid it altogether. You can prevent your shisha from burning by not overpacking the bowl, and by taking the time to separate the shag tobacco so that it is loosely and lightly packed.

If you are looking to engage in marijuana hookah smoking, the packing technique is all the more important. For the best hookah experience, it is advisable that you grind your marijuana into very fine kief, and make sure that it sits towards the middle or bottom of your bowl. The indirect heat of the coals will slowly decarboxylate your cannabis, and provide a low and consistent titration of cannabinoids.

How to Smoke Your Hookah

If it is your first time smoking shisha, please do not draw on the hose too forcefully. You should be looking for extended and deep inhalation, not a short burst. The reason for this is twofold;

  • First, the harder you draw on the hose, the more at risk your shisha is of combusting.
  • Second, the harder you draw on the hose, the harsher and hotter the smoke is.

This could make or break your hookah session, particularly if you are marijuana hookah smoking. This is because burning the top layer of shisha too quickly without decarboxylating and utilizing the marijuana beneath means wasted bud – and nobody wants that!

Share with Your Friends

Never entice someone to smoke, as hookah smoking, like all forms of smoking or vaping, are not good for your health. However, if you have friends who enjoy shisha or marijuana smoking, marijuana hookah smoking could provide them with a unique experience and sensations they wouldn’t otherwise get from more mainstream modes of ingestion.

Marijuana hookah smoking is a great way to engage with friends through a common experience in a relaxed, stress-free, environment. All too often, people focus on getting high as fast as possible, and not enough on the moments leading up to, and culminating in, the mental state of being “high”. Marijuana hookah smoking demands that you slow down, take your time, and enjoy the ride.

Take a puff, pass the hose, and chat with friends. Marijuana smoking or smoking in general, doesn’t have to be a solitary activity.

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