Smoking Cannabis for the First Time

I am sure that you can remember the time, place, and circumstances in which you were first introduced to, and experienced, cannabis.

For me, the memory of that experience is as vivid now as it was the night I was first introduced to, and experienced, cannabis.

Just thinking about it is titillating.

I remember the warmth of the evening air, the depth of the darkness of the surrounding night, the heady and intrusive smell of the herb, and being imbued with a warmth upon inhaling the heavy white smoke for the first time.

I felt like I was swimming.

What did Smoking Cannabis feel like?

There was an intoxicating head rush, almost a dizziness, followed an intense anxiousness, like butterflies in my stomach.

I was in a physiological and psychological state comprised of equal parts panic and euphoria.

While those manic effects were intense and immediate, they were short-lived.

In a matter of seconds, a literal and figurative haze dissipated.

I wouldn’t describe what I was feeling as mental clarity, I was clearly incapacitated in certain respects, but my thoughts had a fluidity that I had not experienced before.

It was as if all of my preconceptions about the external world had been quieted, and I was experiencing everything for the first time.

I was incredibly high.

That night I began a love-affair with cannabis that has endured to the present day.

However, my relationship with, and view of, cannabis has certainly evolved since my first experience.

In my early years, my use of cannabis was rooted in a desire to recreate the magic of my first experience.

I would say that there was an element of physiological and psychological dependence insofar as I was craving the swooning effects of the first hit as well as the prolonged state of being high afterwards.

For lack of a better description, I was chasing the dragon. I just wanted to spark up as often as I could so that I could feel those immediate and manic effects, and then, a sense of calm and introspectiveness. I loved the roller-coaster of thought and emotion that cannabis put me through.

Why I Stopped Smoking Cannabis

Then one day, I just stopped craving it.

I don’t think that I grew out of it, and it definitely wasn’t a choice. I still thought of cannabis fondly, I just didn’t have an urge to get or be high anymore.

I wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly what it was that quelled my desire for cannabis, but I was comfortable in my mental state and I didn’t want to disrupt it with cannabis.

The roller coaster of thought and emotion had fallen out of favor with me.

I decided that I would not smoke herb again unless I could compartmentalize my high and shape it into something that served my wants.

I wanted to experience some of the effects elicited by cannabis and not others.

I found hashish.

Smoking hashish was very similar to herb. It elicited similar swooning effects to smoking herb, but much more pronounced. However, it diverged completely when those immediate effects dissipated and I was left with a prolonged high.

While smoking herb put me on a roller coaster of thought and emotion, hashish left me with a sense of soberness. I could finally distinguish between what is often described as a “body high” and a “mental high”.

This was a defining moment in terms of how I viewed cannabis and its derivatives. The plant was pliable and could be adapted to elicit certain effects.

What Interests me about Cannabis now?

It was at this point that my desire to use cannabis evolved into a desire to know and understand it; its history, its properties, applications, legalization and regulation.

It is the reason that I have created this site.

I want to share my own experiences, thoughts, and ideas as they pertain to cannabis and related subjects.

I want to engage with likeminded people and contribute to the discourse on cannabis.

I want people to inform themselves so that they are empowered to make better choices as consumers and for their health.

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